The cancer within

Travelled far for his work
Slogging from six to ten
Persistent Cough
He never smoked
He never drank
One son
 In his twenties
Works and drinks
His wages gone 
His wife
She a maid
Or was
Lost  her jobs
Too many breaks
For visits 
The hospital
No money 
No help
The government hospital
A hole in his throat
A pipe to feed
The pain 
Tears he sheds
Cannot speak 
Hands outstretched 
Begging for relief
His body eaten up
No morphine for his pain
The hospitals won’t take him
He’s a hopeless case
My maid  she shares
A generous soul
With her next door neighbour
From her meagre wages
She feels
His tears
She hears his voice
He cannot talk
My little boy
His stack of coins
To her he gives
Why don’t I?
Am I afraid
Of the rehab
He takes the coins
Buys his release
It dosent kill
He lingers on
His pain increases 
Begs for death
Every day
His wife suffering
In silence
At last he is in
That wonderful place
Where the sisters
Take his pain
Morphine they give
They say their prayers
For healing
Of the spirit
Then he gives up
His soul
Free at last
She calls up 
My maid
I’m away
I need to see him
I’ll cook and go
But someone asks her
Why you
Isn’t there any other
I’m ashamed
Am I the other
I didn’t do
So much I could
In secret
No one 
Would  have known
I was afraid
Of the rehab
Of being
A misfit

Now the cancer

It hurts

Within me

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