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The good Catholic

The man now old

He’s worked hard
All his life
To feed
To shelter 
To clothe
To travel
To enjoy
Little pleasures
A wife
A child or two
A refrigerator 
A House
A car
He’s made it

His wife
His partner
His soulmate
Sometimes they quarrel
That’s part of the game
They make up
One again
The children grow
They’re educated

An engineer
They want to fly
Like their peers
They find their work
In foreign lands

They find their parters
And they settle
In foreign lands
In some other part
Of the globe
They do visit
But must go back
They take him there
And his wife
To their foreign land
But it’s not his life
They must return

His wife
His companion
His partner
His soulmate
Whose never
Left his side
Except twice
When his grandchildren
We’re born
Then she’d gone
To those foreign lands
To help her kids
Raise their children


To his house
Is she
Now she’s old too
One day collapsed
In the foreign land
Where she’d gone
To help raise
Her grandchild
I’m not coming
He had said
I prefer
My own bed
She died
It was all over
In a couple of hours
The funeral
He’s back home 
His health is failing
Medical bills
The maid
The nurse
The doctor
To be paid

Loneliness calls
He’s healthy still
To go to church
To find peace
To  find friends
The cook is on leave
There’s no food
The tiffin arrives
It’s cheap
It’s dependable
The teeth they fall
Dentures arrive
The food now soft
So can be chewed
The cough
The diabetes
The pressure 
Is worsening
Now insulin
Has it’s say
He needs a prick
Once a day
The rare day comes
Once in a while
When kind souls 
Pay a visit
His old tales 
They hear 
With interest
And with patience 
A light
In the dark are they
Those kind souls
Who by his house
They stray
He counts his pennies
He haggles
With the paperwala
Who recycles
With the laundryman
Who irons
His Sunday clothes
With the fruitwala
Who supplies
His bananas
And apples
He has enough 
He’s insecure
The medical bills
They’re going up
What if there’s
A hospitalisation
The maid
Wants a raise
No he says
I can’t afford
He’s not the same
He was before
A generous soul
Now that
He’s retired
He still manages
To go to the banks
Different ones
His money is not
In one place
It’s not for
The statement
All is now
But he prefers
The old way
So he can speak 
To the lady
At the desk
The cashier
The neighbour
Who is
Also at the bank
He now has
A walking stick
His knees grumble
When climbing stairs
But no he says
I’m not coming
To your foreign Land
Here I lived
And here shall I die
This house I made
With sweat and tears
It may be old 
But it is mine
There is talk
A swank new tower
With a lift
A couple of years 
And it is yours
They haggle
They bargain
I should get
Double the room
Says one
I want the tenth floor
Says another
Mine should face west
Says the third
I only want
The best builder
Says the fourth
I won’t move
Says the fifth
Our building is still strong
Say the sixth
We can not trust
Say some others
and so it goes
On and on


Nothing moves
No one bothered
Not our business
They all say
We are all
Good people
Not our business
To intervene
Years drag on
The buildings disintegrate
The repairs
Cost a ton
But in five years
The cracks are back
With a vengeance 

The building crumbles
The old man stumbles
He slips 
In the bathroom
Like so many others
The nurses come
Like clockwork
Many a time
They hear his cry
They feed
They clothe
They wash
They clean
The children visit 

Then they’re gone

Those kind souls
Come more often
Bringing him
The Eucharist
They hear him out
They give him hope
They listen to his story
Things get worse
He’s hospitalised
The stretcher carrying
Him down the stairs
They prick they probe
They jab
The beeping
In the ICU
Driving him mad
This is not my home he says
All I want is to go back
The kind souls
They come there too
They hold his hands
In silent prayer
The priest
The Annointing
The Eucharist
Then he’s gone
In peace at last
They carry him
Straight to the morgue
His body frozen
For his children
To come
From foreign lands
Up his house 
One more time
The house he’s made
Now at last
His house is full
His children 
His grandchildren 
His friends
His children’s friends
His neighbours
His neighbour’s children
His relatives
His co-workers
Those who’ve survived 
Those that can
Leave their houses
His nurses too
And then there are
Those kind souls
Who laboured up
Those stairs 
To be with him
To listen
To give him
The Eucharist 
The church pamphlets 
The calander
To give him joy
He didn’t have 
A major vice
Did no harm
To anyone
Never did
He raise his voice
He never missed
His church contribution
He’d attend all
The society meetings
Meekly sat
And got back home
Never spoke up
Others will
He said
I’m not the one
To create trouble
The building new
Will go up
When God wants it to
Never gave alms
To a beggar
All fakes they are
He said
God will
Take care of them
They maim the kids
To make them beg
He saw the drunk
On the street
The municipality will
Take care of him
God will
Take care of them
The eunuchs
They pester
Better not to
Entertain them
God will
Take care of them
—————The orphaned children
Theirs palms open
Their sorrowful eyes
In the heatOf the sun—————
Some kind soul
Will take them
To Mother Theresa’s
God will

Take care of them


The floods
The famine
The earthquakes
He would give
His widower’s  mite
A fifty
Or a hundred
God will

Take care of them


He went to church
Every Sunday
Or Saturday evening
His religious obligation

Don’t want to get
Into controversy
No involvement
With the community


A good husband
A good father
A good neighbour
A God fearing man
A good Catholic


It’s time now
For his body
To be taken
To the church
The final descent 
Down the stairs
From the house
That he made
To find lasting peace
And joy

A life well lived
God will
Take care of him

By Jyothsna DSouza

I’m at home
With my children
With plenty of time
To read, teach, and muse

I believe if you have
The capacity
To do good
And others
They confirm
It is good
If it’s important
For many,
Not one
One must persist
To the end,
Till all one’s
Are exhausted

Man lives on hope

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