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Why haven’t I tried

Why haven’t I tried
To persevere 
To try and do the good that I could

What would people think?
Or say?
You might fall sick
Just keep away
Do your duty
To your family
Things will be 
Taken care of
There are so many other
Kind souls
The problems
Will be resolved
Through prayer 
God will act
Why does that leave me
With an empty heart?
That little boy I could teach
But what if
I did fall sick
What would happen
To my children
God will take care
Of that little boy
Someone else will
Why does it leave me
With an empty heart?
I’m a misfit I’m sure
People around me
Don’t feel 
The way I do
There are some
Who live a life
Of sacrifice
Living their life
For others
When I see
The wealth
The intellect
God has provided
All I do 
Is twiddle my thumbs 
Out of fear
Of rehab
The price of
Is very steep
Am I doing
The right Thing
Burying my talents?
My answer is no
The discontent heart
The day will come
When I’ll be free
I would help 
The maids I think
They who slog
Without a break
No Saturdays off
Nor Sundays
Without them
Our life uncomfortable 
They day they take
A break
We question them
Couldn’t they send
To their cousin’s funeral
Their husbands drink
They beat
They carry on
For their children 
Bonus time
We buy them sweets
Or a saree
When all they need 
Is the money
I would like
To them empower 
Give them skills
Making Xmas  sweets
Baby sitting
Nursing the old
Professional cleaning
At a decent wage
A weekend off
Some insurance
Aren’t they also
By minimum wage
By inflation
They’re hardest hit
But it’s we who complain
That money’s tight
We can’t give them
Another raise
Many thoughts
All in the mind
Can’t express
Out of fear
Of rehab
My children now
They understand 
My husband too
But why still
The hesitation 
The fear
Of rehab?
I try to start
The stress 
It will make you sick
You help I say
In the work
Take my stress
Make it yours
I may not be able
To do what I plan
But there may not be
In my heart
Till I think 
Of something else

By Jyothsna DSouza

I’m at home
With my children
With plenty of time
To read, teach, and muse

I believe if you have
The capacity
To do good
And others
They confirm
It is good
If it’s important
For many,
Not one
One must persist
To the end,
Till all one’s
Are exhausted

Man lives on hope

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