The male maid

The male maid
He’s always smiling
Ready to serve
Getting up 
Before dawn
To wipe clean
The cars
A place to sleep
But only just
Enough space
To sleep
Someone does feed
An afternoon meal
Of  his pay
Some pay
Some pay later
Sometimes some
Pretend to forget
Some say they’re not
With his work
Some are in trouble 
They can’t afford 
To pay the bonus
They live
In their 
In tall towers
Going out of the way
To care
For his masters
Are there tears
Is there sadness
Beyond that smile?
They’d never know
He’s found
Some consolation 
They’re kind to him 
That elderly couple
He’s a son to them
They his parents
They treat him well
He does too
They share some meals
Which he brings them
They pay him
In time
Though they
Senior citizens 
The weather
Has wrecked havoc
His crops are gone 
There’s no money
In the village
All they have
Is what he sends
He cannot go
They need the money
His phone not working
He needs to spend
So he can speak
To them
He makes his purchase 
A mighty sum
With a heavy heart
But now at last he has
Something to look 
Forward to
To talk to his son
And his wife
At the end of the day
To hear their voice
To share their troubles 
And their joy
He knows he cannot
Go to his village
They need the money
He his job
He lives in hope
One day again
It will rain
At the right time
His crops will
Bear ample grain
He will then be
Home again

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