The wedding

They’re back to their roots
From foreign lands
To be married
With family
The stage is set
The decorations ordered
The food exquisite
The emcee
The best in class
The make up artist
The gown chosen
 Not traditional
It’s going to be 
The bridesmaids dresses
All made to order
The pageboys
Their shirts with a bow
The pants
The shade
Of the bridegroom’s suit
The flower girls
Also in peach
The traditional sado
A resplendent red
Her stilettos 
His suit
A matching shirt
A dashing tie
And there are 
The rings made
Of solid gold
Their names engraved
On the inside
The relatives
They’ve arrived
There taken
Care of
From morn to night
The hospitality
It’s expensive 
But it is
Their parent’s delight
The day arrives
The bride in peach
The groom in black
It’s not traditional 
But no one minds
They’re beautiful 
Seventeen priests 
At their nuptials 
Witness to their
I do
They always count
They do
The people
The soulful choir
The solemn
They’re man and wife
They’re one
That’s all that matters
The evening delightful
Warmth everywhere 
Smiling faces
Hugs and kisses
The emcee
He entertains
He announces
They make their entrance 
To resounding claps
And confetti
The flower girls
With their dainty baskets
The little pageboy
Bravely alone
Their  parents 
Dancing away
And now 
A standing ovation
Hoots  and claps 
They are joyful
It’s their day
Then it comes
The skies darken
Out of nowhere
The rain it pours
The deluge
The stampede
To that tiny
Covered place
Th emcee too
Vanishes inside
They wait
For the storm
To abate
It gets stronger
It’s the peach
They say
They broke tradition
A bad omen
They’re cursed
The murmurings
Reach  their ears
Her eyes glisten
With unshed tears
In the ruins
Of her wedding day
The sound
Wired again
Bursts to life
Above the thunder
He plays
Love is all around me
By Wet Wet Wet
Their wedding song
He gives her a look
She says yes
With her eyes
Without a word
They run
To the center
The decorations
All wet
They’re still there
The lights flickering
With unspoken joy
They dance 
To the tune
Their arms linked 
Their eyes 
On each other
It does not matter
That it’s cold
They’re not alone
Her peach gown
Now brown with muck
The sound of music
In their ears
The thunder 
They gather around
With silent  smiles
Their friends 
They clap 
They hoot
They hug
When the dance
Is over
The music it 
Blares again
Time of our lives
By Tyrone Wells
Tears well
In their eyes
And then
They all are
They parents too
The couples
With their partners
Lost in their world
The music changes
So also
The pace
It’s fun
It’s the wedding fare
They have their day
It’s compete
It’s unique
A memory to treasure 
The bad omen?
It’s washed away
From people’s


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