The gentleman in suits

The gentlemen in suits
All huddled up
To keep themselves 
In the freezing cold
The juveniles
Most vulnerable 
In the centre
The rest they move
In military fashion
The one in the center 
When warm
Makes place for another
And so they go
On and on 
This rookery
In the freezing 
My tale is about
One of their kind
He treks
Over hundred kilometers 
To a breeding site
His mate she
Lays an egg
And goes hunting
For food
One single egg
He balances
On his feet
Keeping it warm
Through the blizzards 
With the warm
Of his feathered
Fifteen kilos down
Two months
Till it hatches
His mate returns
He recognises
His chick’s call
Among thousands
And so does she
They’re emperors
They don’t rule 
Over others
They face their lot
All together
These perfect gentlemen 
They coordinate
Their diving 
And surfacing
These gentleman 
They are not human
They don’t abandon
Their unborn children 
After a dalliance 
With a lady
They don’t 
Have any minor vices
Or major
They don’t try
To outdo each other
They’re not into
To find a mate
They don’t brag
They don’t boast
Like those men
In suits
They’re a huddle
They’re a team
They do not have
Rich or poor
They’re in this 
All together
These birds in suits
These Emperor penguins

Our gentlemen 
They huddle too
To keep themselves warm
At the bar

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