The responsible organisation

We’re a responsible organisation
We help the little girls
With their education
Give them smiles 
Give  them hope
We’re doing more
Our pesticides
They kill the insects
The farmers
They have 
A plentiful harvest
The government 
Understands our work
They subsidise
So the farmers
Buy more than required
To make sure
Their crops 
They are protected
After all 
They want
A plentiful harvest
The wheat it stands 
Proud and tall
The grains
The best
The buyers
Can get
The pesticides
They seep
Into the groundwater
They flow 
into the ponds
Which the farmers
And their
Drink from from
They spray
Into the air
They breathe
The biodiversity 
Is destroyed
The bees
Who pollinate
The birds
The fish
The insects 
They’re smart
Theve been poisoned
Too long
They have
It takes more potent
To kill them
The toxicity
In the air
In the water
In the food
It adds up
A heavy price 
To pay 
The cancer
In children
They say
Has nothing
To do
With pesticides 
But the wise old men
And women
They differ
This wasn’t there
In our times
What choice do we have
They say
If I don’t use them
My neighbour 
Will still
The insects 
In the village
Will all zoom in
Into my tiny field
I can’t afford
To lose it all
The government 
Hold up it’s hands
We are clean
Good intentioned
There won’t be enough
To feed our 
Hundred crores
If the insects
They feed
The farmers
They will die of starvation 
If their crops are destroyed 
They are harmless 
The pesticide 
If they’re used
Maybe so
 It who decides
How much to spray
Use manure 
Say the environmentalists 
It’s safe
The yield healthy
We have no bulls
They say
Enough for our fields
We use
Harvesters now
No manure
It is difficult 
To turn back
The  clock
A few do
They call it organic
The yield
It’s less
To buy 
Is expensive
There’s too much
Not for all
This pure stuff
It’s the rich
Who can afford
To be pesticide free
The Sales Manager
The pesticide
He roams the land
Buys bottled water
His organic salads 
In his bag
He peddles his stuff
To the farmers
The decision makers
He shows them
His presentation 
The statistics
The yield numbers
They buy
It’s cheap 
It’s government 
These farmers
About the effect
This potent stuff
On the consumers
Of their produce
The little children
The old 
The weak
Would they have
If only knew
The contamination 
Their soil
Their water
Their air
Is taking a heavy toll
In their
Little children
Their elderly
Their unborn
The cancer
The wheeze
The itching skin
Or would they buy
Bottled water
Organic food?
As for the organisation
That helps
The little girls
In the village
Who fall sick
Contaminated water
Poisoned  food
Breathing unhealthy 
Are they responsible?
You judge 

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