My good child

My child at home
I shout at him
When he beats up
His little brother
When he uses foul
When he throws things
In anger
When he kicks
His little brother
When he talks back
To me 
His friends
They use
Foul language
They beat
They’re rude
That’s where
He picks this up
My son
He’s good
The other boy
His mom comes home
His son 
Is injured
He’s kicked him
Right in his stomach 
She says
He beats him
He’s bawling
I look at my son
Mamma I didn’t 
Do anything 
He pushed me
The lady
She’s not going
Your son beats
He uses 
Foul language 
He talks back
When I 
Admonish him
And now 
He’s hurt
My son badly
The kid
He’s still
Bawling away
My son I say
Didn’t start it
Your son he pushed him
He didn’t even fight back
See he’s crying
I’ll get the
Other children
To witness
If you want
If you don’t 
Believe me
He bullies
The kids
All the time
Not my child 
I say
We come 
A good family
He knows
His manners
He’s obedient 
He doesn’t use
Foul language 
He doesn’t 
Talk back
He is
Well brought up
We’re a 
The intruder
She gets angry
I don’t understand 
The gravity
Of the situation 
She just came
To warn
So such
Brutal acts
Won’t happen
I show her
The door
Stay away 
From my son
I say
Now I turn
To my child
Warn him 
This shouldn’t 
I don’t want mothers
Into our house
No more beating 
Up your brother
No more foul language
No more kickiing
Throwing things
In anger
No talking back
He smiles 
A cheerful smile 
He won’t get
Admonished now
My son
My mother
Won’t beat
She will
Shield me
When I beat up 
The others
She is my protector 
My mother
Right or wrong 
She’s at my side
I’ll kick
I’ll punch
I’ll use foul language 
I’ll throw
The bat
At him
I’ll beat that boy
Who dared
Bring his mother
My son grows up
He drinks
He brawls 
He steals
He beats
His grown up brother 
And me too
In his anger
He lands
The police station
Am I at fault
Have I spoiled
My good child?


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