A little less than average

My child
He isn’t retarded
He isn’t dyslexic
He isn’t a slow learner
He has no ADHD
No labels
For him
He is good at math
When I teach him
But in his exams 
he makes mistakes
He’s spelling are 
Not bad
When he spells them
For me
But when written
Many of them
He does mix
His B’s and D’s
Shouldn’t happen 
Beyond six
He is 
Past eight
His handwriting 
Is really bad
He writes 
Too fast
His grip is wrong 
His paragraph writing
And essays
But way
Off the mark
In his paragraph
On a birthday party
He writes
His mother is
Sleeping and snoring
Always trying
To be funny
I wonder
He will manage
When his marks 
Are deducted 
For misspelling
Paragraph writing
Words missing 
In answers
What would he do
He is assumed 
To be normal
He has to
Compete with 
The best
He doesn’t have
A label
Not that I would 
Want him to
What I want
Is for him
To learn
To overcome 
His difficulties 
To be able to 
His  handwriting 
To be Understood
His spellings
To get better
To get
His b’s and d’s right
For him to focus
On his writing 
I don’t expect
For him to
With the best
To work
To better himself 
Who knows… 
One day….
He will manage
To be more
Than normal
To be better
Than average
A label….
A disability 
To get him 
The examination 
He may shine
In ways
I can’t imagine
A bright
But different
This less than average 
Son of mine


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