Saving water

Save water
Children told
While brushing
Don’t use the shower
The bucket
Environment friendly 
What about
The water 
That flows
Into the drains into 
The sea
A little
Is harvested
The rest
Then in the mountains 
The source oh the water
No tanks built
To contain it
So the water
Down the slopes
Into the sea
The mountain
High and dry
And the people 
What about
The compounds
Made of concrete
Not letting
The water seep
How many buildings 
The water
How many
Let it flow
The drains 
A few
They have
To store the water
That falls 
On their terraces
The pretty plants
In the compound
In the little
Mud we have
Not yielding fruit
Or vegetable
Couldn’t we
Use that space
For ourselves 
Our kitchen
They will steal
They will take
The fruit 
Of our labour
Does it matter
Let someone eat
That’s what
My mother said
When she
Her papaya plant
The water flowing
From the overflow 
Of the tank
The watchmen
They are happy
To get
Organic fruit
Nature’s given
The fertile mud
The flowing water
She says
Do not waste
Now the papaya
Pulled out by people
Seeking relief
From dengue
It’s medicinal
As for me
An artificial plant
In my house
With pretty
Looks real
It needs
No soil
No watering
No sunlight 
No manure
It’s perfect
It bears no fruit
No oxygen
But then
It’s perfect 
I’m saving water

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