The helper

The little child
Her parents devout
Daily mass 
And rosary
Daily prayer
For vocations
I’ll be a nun
She decides
I will be
Be God’s servant
Now a nun
She sees the poor
Every day
Passing by
She cannot help
 No money
She has 
Only prayer
It’s raining
The poor 
On the footpath 
She passes
On the way 
To church
She has no money 
She can’t 
Do anything 
Except pray 
Some people
From the temple
They come
Tarpaulin sheds
Bedding clothes
They give the women 
Jobs as maids
The men 
In their factories
The children
In government school
They build their life
She doesn’t 
Do anything
She doesn’t have 
Anything  to give
Except prayer
That man suffering
With an unknown ailment
She can’t do
Anything for him
She has
Nothing to give
Except prayer 
Two days later
She is off to church
That procession
The men chanting
That man’s brother
Carrying one post
On his shoulder
She can’t  give 
Except prayer
That beggar
The road
One eye blinded
The passers by
Throwing him 
A coin or two
She has no money
She can’t give
Except prayer
The next day
Her lunch in her hand
In a paper packet
She goes
To that
One eyed beggar
Talks to him
He tells his story 
How he lost his bread
When the famine came
His fields mortgaged
His family hungry
They found work
Daily labourers
He came
To the city
Not wanting to
Be a burden 
On them
She shares his story
And her bread
And now
She has given
And received
His blessings 

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