The influencer

  • The influencer
She did 
Her graduation
Post graduation
Her exams
Campus interview
She  bagged her job
Research assistant 
In a multinational 
Pharma company
Her heart
Wasn’t in it
She missed her dream
To be a teacher
To mould young minds
Her parents aghast
You’ll leave your job
With a multinational
To be a lowly teacher
You won’t make money
Or marry
A rich 
What’s gotten
Into you?
Her friends
They say the same
Her colleagues 
Her bosses too
But in her heart
She knows
Where her happiness lies
The colleges
They wouldn’t take her
No experience 
She turned to schools
Get a B.Ed. Degree
So she does
At last
A job
She cherishes
The headmistress
The teachers too
The children
The first day
They sit 
On their benches
At each other
Flying paper planes
The next day
Is no better
The laughing
The shouting
It continues
She takes a duster
Wipes out the scribbles
She takes the chalk
In her neat hands
She writes
I want
To be with you
The children
They notice
They go
They look
At their teacher
Someone claps
Everybody follows
In that instant
Things have changed
She’s on a roll
Making them happy
Teaching them
Cajoling them
To work hard
Her legs ache
Standing all day 
But never mind
She loves them
They love her back
She knows her subject
She’s mastered it
She loves her kids
Loves the creativity
Her job brings
They have to organise
Elocution competitions
Ready the ground
For the sports days
Teach them dance
For Republic Days
Write speeches
Train the kids
For Independence Day
And the grand celebrations
To prepare for
The Annual days
The weaker kids
To be taken
Care of
Solving their doubts
Extra coaching
Then there are 
Revelling in  the glory
That kids bring
To the school
Consoling those
Who don’t make it
Her greatest joy
Is when
That little girl
That special child
Who could not
Understand mathematics
Gets a D
She’s passed!
Her parents meanwhile
Are after her
Get a decent
Job they say
So we can get
A decent son in law
For us
She smiles
She ignores
Years pass
And there’s this guy
From her old job
He proposes 
He’s doing well 
At the multinational 
His parents 
They’re after him
To marry
A girl
From their caste
A professional 
He tells them
He’s found
His soulmate 
She’s not of his caste
She isn’t working 
For a multinational 
She’s a kind girl
With a big heart
A teacher!
There’s opposition
From every quarter
She’s not
Of our caste
She’s not 
She’s not
She’s not even
She’s a mere teacher
In a government school
Her parents
Are reconciled 
Is better than none
They marry
Her children 
The solemn occasion 
She has no kids of her own
But she has
So many
They grow up
They work
In big multinationals 
Her greatest joy
Is when 
That little girl
That one
Weak at maths
She influenced 
Has now returned 
To the school
To become a teacher
She is now 
Due for retirement 
With her retired
But she has 
No regrets 
This influencer
But contentment 


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