He makes you laugh

The comedian
He spends his whole day
Scanning the newspapers
Watching TV
Racking his brain
For ideas
The jokes
They have to be fresh
And relevant
To hit the nail
On the head
Stale ones 
And they will boo
Too highbrowed
They don’t get it
They’ve got to be
Just right
His wife
She thinks 
He loiters 
All day
A lazy bone
Spending his time
On newspapers
And TV
She doesn’t mind
If he jokes about her
He has
On his mind
But when it comes
To in laws
That’s crossing 
The limit
He’s been at it
The whole week
Just no
To talk about
He can’t get into 
The people now
They are divided
His safest bet
Is impersonation
Of the famous
But that too
Can get stale
He  has to find
New dialogues 
New people
To imitate
That can go on
For five minutes
He has an hour to do
Seventy percent repeat
Thirty new
Is his formula
So if a patron
Comes again
Next week
He will have
To laugh about
He thinks 
Of situations
Selves into himself
From deep inside
He pulls out
That wedding
Where the groom
Fell off
The horse
The bride
She said
She preferred
The horse
It wasn’t 
The newspaper report
About the poor
Who died rich
Stoving his stash
Under the matress
The rich guy
Who died poor 
Of a heart attack
When the police
Found his stash 
Under the matress
The parents 
Who left their
Standing outside school
The other one
Had picked them up
The Demonetisation
It’s a dead horse
He fells about strongly
He voiced his opinion too
But the people
They are divided
He has
To be careful 
To know
Where to
The line
Anything political 
Is dangerous
In this democracy
Internet services
Have been withdrawn
A state shut down
For half a year
The holy cow
Is a delicate topic
Not to be spoken about 
He’s anti CAA
But he speaks in public
He may even be
Put in prison
For inciting people
Voicing anti state opinions 
He is after all
A public speaker
Still he’ll try
To do his bit
By being subtle
Sandwiching his message
Within his jokes
A tough job this
A standup comedian
In modern times

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