How many commandments?
What is the fifth?

Name the fruits 
Of the Holy Spirit
I asked you
Not the gifts

Which books are they in
Ephesians ?

The rituals before
The commandments given?
The blood and gore
Are they so
For a Catholic
To know?
What was the date
Of your baptism?
I know not
I do know
It’s a day of joy
When you are filled
With the Holy Spirit
I froze once 
In the church
Couldn’t recall
Pope Benedict’s numbers
Although they were
Clearly written 
In Roman script
I froze once
When I have to recall
My son’s birthday 
For his baptism 
Now we need another
For my daughter 
Not Baptism
But confirmation

I probably need
To be de confirmed
I’ve lost my memory
I’ve lost the numbers 
Is it memory?
Is it rote?
That makes you
A Catholic ?
You have to learn
All the lists
There’s examination

There is no book
No notes
Just memory
And Google
The Protestants
Their websites
Have the answer
To all things
Are they right?
God alone knows
But we have 
To submit the papers
How many sacraments?
How are they classified?
I find the answers 
Pouring through
The Bible
The Cathechism 
of the Catholic Church
A book so large
One can get lost
And other tomes
Fr. Ratus’s 
Unless some man show me
And occasionally 
Through Google 
My husband helps
He finds it tough
For we are looking
For the right answers 
It’s just to gauge
How much they know
We’re not looking 
For the right answer
That’s what we’ve told
I delete my file
Save it
On a pen drive

I’m proud of her
My growing daughter
She sits for hours
Her laptop for help
And she’s penned down
Some eighty answers
Right or wrong 
They’re all her own
I make a note 
To go through those
To guide her later
To clear any 
That google might offer
Go and serve!
The youth
The community
The parish
She enjoys it all
At first
But then admonishment
For occassionally
Missing out
Not out of love
For paltry points
That she labours
Her days are long
The burden heavy
School and church 
Both squeeze her time
One competing 
With another
Her legs ache
With dancing
The Annual day
Tells on her calves
Thev’e been hurting
For years
But now
It’s aggravated

She cannot walk
She’s ordered rest
She still makes it
Up the stairs
Not out of love
With the strength
Of fear 
Her pain
It gets worse
The choir she enjoys
But that one 
Is not official 
She frets
I’m singing
At the wrong time
Twenty hours
More than hundred
Never mind
You’ve done it
By yourself
We’re proud
She loves her God
Is a kind soul
Who walks
So she can give
Her money to a beggar

She loves 
He brother 
And her sister 
Her  soulmate
They seldom fight

She takes the jibes
From her parents
For not studying enough
In silence
She may not have 

A head for numbers
She may not pass
An entrance exam
She may have missed
Her Sunday school
When the pain
Was too much

The attendance
The answers
The participation
Is the joy
Somewhere missing
From my heart
On her Confirmation 
The Bible
It errs
On history
On science
On Georgraphy
MaybeBut that’s not
What it’s about
It is true
On one
Thing that matters
It is a book
That teaches
The way
To God
To salvation
Of all humanity
Salvation for us
Through His Son
The sacrificial lamb
Through love
For God
For neighbour
Of mercy
If that much
We understand
And try
To practice
We will truly be
Gods People
We may not
Have a certificate
To prove
Our knowledge
But does that matter
So much?I know
She’s going
To be confirmed
She’s fine
She’s doing
All she can
But if Fate
Deals a cruel j hand
Well get by
She’s to me
A confirmed Catholic

The bishop

He laid his hand

On her

She’s blessed

The Holy Spirit

On her poured

Does it really matter

That certificate?

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