Story or fact?

It doesn’t matter


To the elders

They choose to believe

What they were taught

Our religion now

By their elders


Gives us the freedom

To believe what we choose



The Genesis narrative


Our kids

They’re not the same

By grade two

They are taught


And the Big Bang

In Catholic



Their confusion

Not addressed

They take their

Own point of view

Or their parent’s


The Bible

The Old Testament

A book of stories

The New Testament

They believe


A child I know

An avid reader

Just nine

Reading her copy

Of the Sunday

School Bible


There is no heaven


She said

There’s constellations

One hundred billion galaxies


Science is truth

Said her mother

The Bible stories

Are part

Of our culture


That one sweeping


Wiped away

The whole of

The Old Testament


That child

Her faith busted

May even doubt

The new


It’s high time

We tackle this

Head on

It doesn’t matter

Whether the universe

Was created

In seven days

Or thirteen billion years


Whether Adam and Eve


Or whether we evolved from apes


Or we were created

By intelligent design


What matters

Is that

We were created

By that great I Am

Who exists since time immemorial


That the universe too

Is energy and matter

There has to be energy

To create matter


The Big Bang

May have started

With a tiny dot

Of immense force

Or as now they say

A giant egg

Which burst


Some say the universe

Has been


And contacting


To a tiny dot


Doesn’t matter

There is a force

Immense energy

That science admits




So no matter what

Genesis says

Myth or truth

Or a myth

Containing a truth

That we are

God’s creation


The fact remains

The creator creates

And that’s what

The narrator

Of Adam and Eve

Tells us


God exists

He created

The universe

And all in it

And us

He is

Our Father

Our God

The great


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