Original Sin


If Adam and Eve

Are not historical

Are a myth

The children ask


Then what about

original sin

Is that a myth too


Answers we may not know

A difficult problem

Of the pastoral ministry

Says Joseph Ratzinger

Our former Pope

How true


Can we tell the kids

Adam and Eve are true

So we can

Help them believe

The Original Sin

Is true also


What will that do

To their faith

When the learn

The Big Bang

And Evolution


We may not know

The right answer

But we must

Teach them

The little

That we know


The seed of sin

Is in our soul

From when we

We’re born


The Bible


Our first ancestors


By disobedience

By giving in

To temptation


That is a fact

We disobey

We give in

To temptation

And sin


There are worse

Sins we commit

Than these






Selfishness… the root

Of our sinful actions


If we are children

Of Adam and Eve

We are born

Into sin

Because they sinned


If we are born

Of evolution

We sin


The sinful nature

Is part of our



We are born

Into sin

Our sinful nature

Passed on to us

By our ancestors


If God’s created us

By intelligent design

Freedom given by Him

For our actions

We disobeyed

We lied

We gave in to temptation

And much worse


We sinned

We are born

Into sin

Our sinful nature

Passed on

To us

By our ancestors


So it doesn’t matter

What is myth

What is fact

You are free

To believe

The narrative

The creationist

The Evolutionis


The Bible

Is not a book of science

It’s a book

That teaches salvation


It teaches

That we were created

In God’s image



We gave in

To temptation

We sinned

And are born

With original sin


The Holy Spirit

Poured out

At baptism

Erases original sin

We inherited


But the tendency

To sin



We may have

That tiny bit

Of sinful nature


But we must not


That God made us

In his likeness

Full of Goodness


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