Why should I give…tax….property

Why should I give…our tax…our property

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s

Mark 12:17

The government

It’s Inefficient


It takes ten people

To do

One man’s work


It’s corrupt

They earn their cuts

On public money spent


It wastes

Digging a perfectly

Good road

And relaying it


The politicians

They use our money

To give sops

To reelect themselves


That’s all true


It’s not about them

It’s about us

It’s about honesty


If all



Their taxes

Would there be money

For development


Are we making

An excuse


We do not

Want to part

With our money



They are meant

To be obeyed


We don’t


We know

We can get away


It’s difficult


To walk

The narrow path


When we buy or sell

Our property

In black

To avoid taxes


Are we doing

What Jesus said


Give to Caesar

What belongs

To Caesar


That’s black and white

No room for debate


Do we stop

To consider

That God

Will bless us

With more

For our honestly

Our Evangelisation


Those Christians

They’re white people

They say

No underhand dealings


The Municipality

They ask for our land


Our property

For road expansion

They do not ask

The others


They slapped

The notice

On us

They did not

Slap the others


Why must we give

It’s unfair


Jesus said

If someone slaps you

On one cheek

Offer the other


If it’s for a greater good

To reduce the traffic

To reduce the pollution

Of vehicles in a jam


We must give

It’s for the good


We are givers

We must not look

At the others

Or we will be

The same as they


Giving is Catholic

Giving is Christian

Giving is Humane


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