It doesn’t take power to get things done….just truth and God on on your side


Pope Francis

Noah Obeyed

Those microscopic things

Under our power

In the laboratory


They outnumber us

They march forward

Take our breath away

And we are belittled


We think we are clever

We think we own the world

It’s survival of the fittest

They seem to be

Winning the race


With all our power

With all our intellect

We cannot build a weapon

To destroy them soon enough


But that’s not entirely true

We have cooperation

We have sacrifice


We will stay away

From work

From entertainment

From dining out

From travel

From each other

From our churches

And temples


We will sanitize

And wash our hands

We will keep our distance


We will not socialize

Take care of our health

We will not overburden

Our hardworking medics


Some people


They risk their lives

Taking care

Of patients

Saving lives


Some struggling

Some ravaged

Some dying

Making tough decisions

That will haunt their life


Then there are those

Who make sure

There are supplies

Law and order









Those making sure




The garbage

It’s collected


Are we going

To lose this fight

To lose our loved ones

To those tiny little things


We must cooperate

Do whatever is asked

Give up our selfishness

For the greater good


The young

The not so young

Some think they’re invincible

But remember


You can pass on

To your loved ones

Those tiny little things

That you


Bring back home

By going out

When avoidable


Your children


You try

To entertain

They irritate

They rebel

You cannot

Let them out

It’s not done

You try

And improvise


But we have

A greater power

More than all of us

Put together


The Almighty

Will protect us


We now have

A lot of time

To knock

On heaven’s doors


The sermons

On YouTube

The prayer book

In your hands


Let’s storm

The heavens


Stay indoors

And pray

Like Noah

That the flood

May abate

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