Shawn’s haircut.

He was being fair. I’ve taught him that what applies to him must also apply to me.

His hair has been growing at an exponential rate. So had mine.

Every time I pointed out that he needed a haircut, he would point to my wild hair growing in random directions.

But I didn’t have anyone to chop my curls, I pointed out.

His logic was that if girls are allowed to grow their hair, why not boys. That was a sound argument. He was appealing to my sense of fairness and I had to hand it to him.

My problem, however was different. His sisters had got him addicted to South Korean band going by the name of BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean, Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English) so that they could watch without him complaining.

My daughters are very clever.

Now these are young Korean boys with beautifully painted faces and adorable girly smiles. Their voices also sound incredibly girly most of the time.

So I can’t blame by son for being a big fan.

These guys also have great looking hair. My nephews also have shoulder length hair. On top of that my maid also showed off her grandson’s picture with lustrous long curls.

Shawn’s hair is also curly. So he doesn’t dry it off after bath. He gives it a comb over and comes out strutting like a rooster who has just dined on some delectable worms.

As I said earlier, I am not gender biased. I am proud of his attitude.

The problem lies elsewhere.

With the wet hair, he has a tendency to catch a cold and that’s bad news in covid times.

So we arrived at a compromise.He would let me chop off his baby curls in return for binge watching BTS the whole day. I gave in.

I told him to sit on some newspapers as I gently snipped off his locks. The newspaper trick was taught to me by my mother.

My sharpest pair of scissors was absconding so I had to make do with a blunt pair. Shawn was lost watching his favourite boy gang shaking their lustrous multicolour hair and crooning unisex numbers.

I thought I has done a fairly good job given the circumstances and my limited skills. But now my husband arrived and purveyed the scene.

He decided a more professional job was needed and brought his professional machine. One look at that instrument and Shawn forgot his BTS and bolted. Now the whole house was full of hair.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, Shawn ended up with hair shorter than a sheep fleeced for wool.

After a quick bath and a peep into the mirror, Shawn came out, gave me a murderous look and went back to his BTS.

Once COVID is over, I will fight for him with the school.

They let the girls play football so I’m sure they’ll let the boys keep their long hair.

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