Review on Practo …Dr Prabodh Garg

Meticulous ( goes through your entire history) dedicated, sharp, empathetic, humble, updated…. a few adjectives that come to mind

But his biggest asset is that he listens to the patient.

That’s one quality I look for in all my doctors.

Solutions come not just with diagnostics but listening to the patient in detail. Patients don’t come with a written list and often forget symptoms and history.

One of the secrets of his success is taking time and probing to understand the problem.

His treatment is comprehensive and includes guidance on precautionary measures to home remedies

We often look for the doctor with maximum years of experience but being young has its as advantages… ….spending time time researching and not having a rigid mindset….

Experienced doctors with too heavy a patient load are sometimes pressed for time that they cannot update, research or spend enough time with patients.

There are exceptions of course.

Somebody once told me that my paediatrician is very good. My child gets cured in no time. I asked what medicines he prescribed and she didn’t know.

I later found out that there were a lot of antibiotics doled out.

I told her that my paediatrician is even better. He takes his own time to cured kids. The paediatrician happens to be Dr Prabodh’s uncle.

But that’s the thing with Prabodh Garg.

He will not cure you too fast with strong medicines and leave you to deal with side effects later….. which happens sometimes with asthma and pneumonia patients like me.

He has a combination of experience with but open mind and does thorough research..

I’m a very stubborn patient or rather a family of five patients but he puts up with my no -steroids- under -any -circumstances -tantrums.

Another blessing is if you are ill you he will take care of you in his hospital.

I would highly recommend Dr Garg and wish I could add a few more stars.

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