on a lighter note

My standup comedian

That’s him

Shawn’s jokes are mostly forgotten…


They’re spontaneous

They’re original

They’re hilarious

But it’s that moment

And then they’re gone

Out of my memory


They’re cheesy

They’re innocent

But still funny

When he tells them


The other day

While studying


Name two solids

I say


Hindi book

Maths book

But not the science book


Why I say

It has

Solids, Liquids and Gases


I didn’t mind

I knew

He knew

The right answer


We moved on

To liquids…



I didn’t ask

About the gases



His favourite subject

It’s easy

To be funny

By Jyothsna DSouza

I’m at home
With my children
With plenty of time
To read, teach, and muse

I believe if you have
The capacity
To do good
And others
They confirm
It is good
If it’s important
For many,
Not one
One must persist
To the end,
Till all one’s
Are exhausted

Man lives on hope

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