Ecstacy and despair…Shayna DSouza

you look happy, so do they
feeling all that joy and ecstasy.
but when am i gonna feel like that?
when will i be happier?
when will i be free?
trapped within these walls i don’t know how to break.

i’m know i’m more of a problem.
why can’t i just be human?
it’s ok to hurt sometimes.
but when sometimes turns to forever.
what do i do?

who’s going to help me out now.
who’s hand shall i hold?
who’s going to stop me from sinking deeper?
there’s no one around me now.
i feel like letting go.
please, just let me go.

can’t see no future, can’t see tomorrow
don’t even want to open my eyes to see a new day.
pray that you take me away, somewhere far away so i can be happier.
be happier and free.


Substances….they give you happiness…bliss…ecstasy….they let you escape…into an imaginary world….until
The bubble breaks

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