True Stories………..from survivors

The truth is in the detail…

The heartbreaking stories of those who have walked that path…and survived

These stories are of struggle…of despair…of hope…and proof that one can the authors have.

Do read…

This article is a heartbreaking story about how peer pressure could drive a person to do drugs.

How peer pressure drove me to drug abuse -Drug abuse survivor

This article is about a mother’s cry for her son who overdosed and many more who are under the influence of drugs. This mainly focuses on drug culture in India.

This website has generalized content about the stories of drug abuse survivors. It’s a very realistic yet sad site to know more about drug abuse.

This site covers:
The link between substance abuse and mental health
What comes first drug abuse or the mental health problem
Alcohol and drugs used for sell-medication
Recognising a dual diagnosis
Dual diagnosis and denial
Common signs and symptoms of co-occuring disorders
Self help and helping loved ones

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