Clubs n Pubs…Shayna DSouza

Banning may backfire

It would be rare to find an urban Indian house with a window where one can jump out of and escape as depicted in movies …no escape route there.

Well you simply don’t need one…all you need is whine and guilt trip…..and a couple of good friends to back you up off course…

That’s no trade secret…which teen doesn’t do it.

No going out post sunset….well, that’s difficult to swallow, but who says you can’t party in the day🥳

Curfews may work sometimes but the stand off doesn’t last long and you have to give in at some point…..maybe at the point where your child threatens to disown you…

There’s a better way…love. compassion,  communication…dialogue…..low decibel..

Setting rules with mutual understanding.

Not all clubs or pubs are unsafe.
Not all neighbourhoods are unsafe.

Do your homework and make gentle suggestions.

Consider dropping and picking up your child yourself or pool up with other parents.

Dont keep lecturing on their clothes and going into how you used to dress up when you were a teen…. you’ve got to reconcile that their world is different….and way faster.

Your teen probably makes way more efforts to keep her body looking good so her clothes look good on her….than your teen self did

Listen 👂

Understand 🥰

Trust 🤗

Three things a teen wants from their parents.

To be heard, to be understood and to be trusted.

These could be a way to have a better relationship with your teen.

You having an opinion about something that somehow differs from your teen shouldn’t create an argument but a mutual understanding that we’re two different individuals with different opinions.

Remember your child is more likely to come to you when she needs help, when the drugs are choking her life, when she is desperate from breath ..when she knows you will take her hand and carry her burden with love.

Relationships don’t happen overtime.They are nurtured over a lifetime. So keep your child close and keep her safe.

Love is tough but love is what it takes…and keeping a ear on the ground.

Things may still go wrong…..self blame only makes matters worse.

Seek help…for your child ..and for you ..


Be part of your child’s coping mechanism

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