Use of steroids…Arnav Jain

Use of Steroids

Anything that after being consumed, enhances the human body is said to be dangerous and can have repercussions. These particular types of drugs are called steroids. Steroids act as synthetic hormones to shape the body according to one’s desire. People at an impressionable age such as teenagers, are quite fantasized by these substances and their capabilities. According to a report that was published in February 2018, about 20% of anabolic steroid users start taking them as teenagers.

A few reasons people consider using these detrimental substances could be poor self-esteem, higher rates of depression or in rare cases, suicide attempts.

Steroids are also used in the medical field in order to treat disorders such as Growth Hormone Disorder. Another example is the steroid Dexamethasone being used to treat Covid-19 patients with severe of fatal conditions.

The purpose of steroids was limited to these medical uses only, however, after finding out how one can improvise body performance after taking these, people started to misuse these substances. For example, people in the acting industry, to look fit and muscular as quickly as possible, take PEDs or Performance Enhancing Drugs which make them look buffed up. This encourages young minds into the wrong directions.

What they don’t notice or pay attention to is the fact that anybody who is involved in using steroids to shape their body, stands a great risk involving several problems. These problems can be both mental and physical. Reports say that people tend to behave aggressively which in some cases has led to criminal behaviour. This is referred to as “Roid Rage”.

Looking at the physical perspective, using these substances, the druggie may risk his or her adolescent growth or a functioning liver. Along with that, there could be baldness in men, acne, premature closure of the growth centres of long bones and stunted growth.

The sport community is the most involved industry in steroidal misuse. Athletes, to perform better than usual, make use of steroids, particularly and commonly anabolic steroids. These steroids are man-made versions of testosterone. They help in muscle growth. This steroid is also helpful to women as they also have testosterone in their bodies but in much smaller amounts.

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