Which comes first:

Euphoria. a feeling of being content and complete. almost like in a trance that’ll lead to only and only happiness.

Thatt’s what a person feels like under the effect of drugs. You reason and say “they’re teenagers, they want to look cool” that’s why they do drugs. but is that the only reason?

People usually shun the teens down by saying this instead of hearing their reason for doing so. Sometimes we desperately have the need to feel happy and content, but can’t do so.

We’re maybe under a lot of stress and pressure. Or maybe we’ve lost all signs of hope and can no longer go on. Maybe we have this hollow empty void within us that so desperately wants to be filled by something be it anything, that we rely on drugs and alcohol for a feeling of euphoria and joy.

Therefore i feel that mental illness is more of a cause rather than an outcome. but i’m not denying the fact that it’s also an outcome. the usage of drugs and alcohol to a great extent can result in addiction which could alter one’s mind in a completely different way.

Not only that but the intake of medicinal steroids also causes a person mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, clinical depression, anger issues, etc. thus, also being an outcome of substance usage.

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Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse and Mental Health


Mental health….cause or outcome

A conondrum not easy to decipher

One must be aware that patients battling mental health issues are vulnerable to drug abuse.

Also alcohol, steroid and drug abusers may end up with mental health problems… medically known as ‘dual diagnosis’.

A chicken and egg problem which nevertheless has committed n solutions.

We bring you a collection of articles by experts carefully collated to inform and to help.

All you need to know..mental health and substance abuse

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders | MentalHealth.gov

An all compassing site…written in layman’s language


Mental health problems and substance use disorders sometimes occur together. This is because:

Certain illegal drugs can cause people with an addiction to experience one or more symptoms of a mental health problem

Mental health problems can sometimes lead to alcohol or drug use, as some people with a mental health problem may misuse these substances as a form of self-medication

Mental and substance use disorders share some underlying causes, including changes in brain composition, genetic vulnerabilities, and early exposure to stress or trauma

More than one in four adults living with serious mental health problems also has a substance use problem. Substance use problems occur more frequently with certain mental health problems

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