Ecstacy and despair…Shayna DSouza

you look happy, so do they
feeling all that joy and ecstasy.
but when am i gonna feel like that?
when will i be happier?
when will i be free?
trapped within these walls i don’t know how to break.

i’m know i’m more of a problem.
why can’t i just be human?
it’s ok to hurt sometimes.
but when sometimes turns to forever.
what do i do?

who’s going to help me out now.
who’s hand shall i hold?
who’s going to stop me from sinking deeper?
there’s no one around me now.
i feel like letting go.
please, just let me go.

can’t see no future, can’t see tomorrow
don’t even want to open my eyes to see a new day.
pray that you take me away, somewhere far away so i can be happier.
be happier and free.


Substances….they give you happiness…bliss…ecstasy….they let you escape…into an imaginary world….until
The bubble breaks

A peak into a teenagers’ mind…Shayna DSouza

Teens. That time of growing up where you learn the most. Being a teenager is not at all easy. It can be confusing, frustrating and also exciting.

Many of us are against the concept of growing up, but that’s what teenage years are about. Often, our teenage years are filled with happy and fun memories. But that’s only a part of it. We tend to forget or censor the bad memories.

With teenage life comes many problems such as backstabbing friends, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, bullying etc. Life drastically changes after becoming a teen. While we try to fit in with other people, we lose who we are and became clueless about what to do next.

How do we behave? Will the others like me if I dress like this? Listening to this particular type of music will make me look cool, what would others say if I told them about my anxiety?

We often tend to put what others think before what we actually like and, in the process, we lose ourselves. Its easy to say “stop paying attention to what others say.” It’s harder to actually do that.

The fear of being alone or having no friends doesn’t let us get away from what other people think about us. Thats when we’d do anything to fit in, even something that’ll give us instant joy but long term issues. drugs.



Teenagers and parenting

Why I would take drugs…Shayna DSouza

Life’s good…I have a zillion friends….I’m topping…at studies… sports..

One of my zillion friends call for a party…her pup has turned two.

I land up late..armed with an expensive ribbon decorated doggy bone….do pups chew bones…do theirs come in smaller sizes…I put my nagging doubts aside and put on my brightest smile.

The party…it’s a home one. My parents would never let me go to a club..or a pub.

Her parents are sweet..they have let her have her house to herself…..and her zillion friends…

When I arrive…the music is blaring….Softy the pup nowhere to be seen. Who names a pup Sofy anyways.

They’re all jumping, yelling, drinking…and having the time of their lives.

Why I wonder…I’m feeling out of zillion friends don’t seem to notice me.

There she comes…..Zeena, proud owner of the two year old puppy…a million dollar smile and a big warm hug…making me feel special…

Welcome, she says, come join in…I join in the dancing, but I’m feeling slightly out of place. My so called friends are in a world of their own.

Would you like some, she says with a wink. Just a little she says. you’ll feel one will know.

I’m feeling alone,lonely in the crowd. I take the tiny pill and wash them down with coke.

I’m fine…. absolutely fine. I join in in the dancing…just to be part of the celebration. and then it starts..the lights they swim around…I feel on top of the world..I forget the assignment I have to submit tomorrow..the fight elections th my boyfriend…getting the wrong sized bone for softy…..all my worries, they have disappeared…

I spin in ecstasy, glitter and stardust filling my lungs. i breathe out hazy clouds. a cosmic beauty maybe? or the euphoria of the substances. alcohol, nicotine, heroin all of it consuming me slowly. feel soo free and happy. feel like a human instead of a dead corpse. I’ve never felt this beautiful before…

I’m lying down on the floor
Someone picks me up, washes my face n drops me home.

My mom is concerned about the late hour…I give her a hug…and bolt to my room…I’m safe for now.

Next party…it’s too tempting…I succumb…

Were bunking school to the seashore
We change our clothes in the mall and hit the waves….it’s a wonderful feeling…the drugs playing with my brain…taking all the pain…the amazing feeling that all is well in my world. Attendance was taken in the first period…so our parents may never know…it’s a very large school.

The thrill of sneaking out and having fun is exhilarating…but now I’m starting to feel exhausted…my brain fuzzy at class. My grades are dripping. My appetite gone. My parents start to notice.

I yell out for help. I’m giddy. They rush in…reviving me with lemonade,,always at my side…they hug me and tell me everything will be all right.

My mom asks me if I’d like to share. I breakdown and tell her.

The best thing I ever did…..She is so strong, even through her tears…

I feel a sense of remorse mingled with relief….she will get me through…

Well I dont do drugs….never would….

The only thing those highs do
Is to plunge you into despair
You…..and your loved ones.


Your response is shaping our website

Understanding teenage struggles with substance abuse and how to get help


It is silent

The screams for help

One seldom hears

But behind the masks

Of happy teens

The pain

Lies buried within

There are signs

To watch out for

To heal the wounds

With love

Look cool!

As we grow into teenagers, we come across a number of new things that peak our curiosity. Some of them are drugs, alcohol, mental health, and so on. Our website mainly focuses on how substance abuse has become very common among teenagers and the struggles faced by them in relation to that. There could be numerous reasons as to why would a person get into drugs. There’s ap stereotypical reason that is quite common but often misused, “they want to look cool”.

This website will allow you have a broader perspective on this issue and will bring awareness on drug abuse.

In our research, based on Google form responses you our queries, we arrived at the following conclusion:

1.. Teenagers are well aware of the avenues for getting drugs and are not really looking for information

However they would like to look at avenues for seeking help.

2. The awareness among parents on this topic is moderate to low

3. We felt that parents would find it useful to know about abuse, especially in their vicinity, city our country.

We conducted a seminar with various schools and this was their feedback:

This feedback helped shaped the content of our website and we intend to update it based on feedback.

Do post your comments as well as it would help make this effort more relevant

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