Punjab’s new female addicts – The Hindu

The State’s drug crisis has acquired another dimension following a steady increase in the number of female addicts. Vikas Vasudeva reports on the toll substance abuse has taken on the lives and families of these women and the infrastructural support needed to help them

Difficult to believe but they are true..

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How My Parents Saved Me From Drug Abuse!

From alcohol addiction at school to recreational and prescription drugs…..saved by his mother who led him to recovery in a rehab center


What’s it like being sober? I’ve been sober for 13 and a half years and I can say it’s the reason I’m happy today. It’s the reason I’m grateful today.

For my family who has loved me through my best and my worst and in fact loved me harder when I was so difficult to love. For the hundreds of second chances I got.

Today I’m living my dream of being a musician and I’m engaged to the woman of my dreams who accepts my past and loves me. My message?

Using drugs is not cool…being dependent can ruin your life. It’s never to late to turn it around so don’t stress about what people say. Those who love you will no matter what, and that’s all you really need.


We kids need to be looking ved through our best and worst..

And love us harder when we are most difficult to love…..don’t let go..

‘I wanted my son to die’ – BBC News


Drugs have been a scourge in Punjab for years now – once a transit point on the drug route, the state has now become a major consumer base.

For representation only

Ms Devi says Ricky started using drugs when he was still in school and, eventually, he dropped out.



The heartbreaking story of a Punjabi father who lost his son to heroin….that crosses hrough the national border

Down The Rabbit Hole…Addiction/Rehab India

In his book, White Magic, a story of “heartbreak, hard drugs and hope,” Nath tells a fellow addict this during his fourth and most successful attempt at overcoming his addiction. Today a Delhi-based successful corporate lawyer and author of one of the most raw and riveting pieces of writing in contemporary Indian fiction, he’s been six years clean after a decade of heroin abuse. This quote (simplistic) as it seems, became my pre-emptive for understanding alcohol and drug addiction and it should for you too.,


If you would line to read Indian stories of abusers, their experiences in various rehab centres, the metholodogies they use and most importantly the personal stories of these brave people who have come forward to share their trauma to be able to help and inspire us..

Do read the aptly named
Down the rabbit hole..