Religion for kids

Purification Rituals

Jews considered


Set apart

A holy people

Of Yahweh




And when


For any reason

There was



Also before


In the presence




By sprinkling


Of animals


As sacrifice

For atonement

Of sins


Before the tabernacle

Was installed

Commandments given

Leper healed

Dead visited

Or even a

Fungus infested house



The Jews

Blood sprinkled

On the Ark

For purification


Later in

Mosaic law


By washing

Hands and clothes

And shaving hair


In the new

Jesus wiped out

All this


The Sabbath

Keep it holy


He said

It’s not a sin

To heal

On a sabbath


No fasting

On the Sabbath


The bridegroom

Is here


Purification rituals

For women

On childbirth

Forty days

No coming before

The presence of God


Mary followed

A jew

She came

For the presentation

To the Tempe

At forty days


A tradition

We too


Till of late


It is mentioned

In the Bible

In the New Testament

We were told


No longer

We believe



Nor in

Ritual purification



Of the firstborn

Of Jesus

In obedience

In obedience

Of the scriptures


Our children

They are redeemed

By Jesus’ blood


Now purification

Means consecration


Two turtle doves

Mary bought



Don’t fly kites

We might injure

The pigeons


As civilisation evolves

Our conscience

It pricks us even more


Some kind of cruelty

To animals

Is banned

Even punishable

By law


Except for



There too

We are trying

To find

Humane ways to kill

Or even

Not eat


Religion is not


It changes

We’re catholics

We don’t interpret



Now we have








The outpouring

Of the Holy Spirit

To make us holy


We must therefore

Look ahead

With one foot firmly behind

Accepting the new

But grounded in truth


Not using

Verses singled


To hurt



The devil

Is also

A master

At scripture


In Gods presence

We must come


Our hearts forgiving

Full of love

For God

And neighbor


He went on: “What comes out of a person is what defiles them. For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and defile a person.”

Mark 7:20-23 | NIV

Have mercy on me, O God,

according to your unfailing love;

according to your great compassion

blot out my transgressions.

Wash away all my iniquity

and cleanse me from my sin.

Psalm 51:1-2 | NIV

The rituals of old

They don’t matter

We don’t have to take

Those turtle doves

Or wait forty days

As Mary did

It is Jesus

Who purifies

Washes away our sins

ews considered

Religion for kids

Original Sin


If Adam and Eve

Are not historical

Are a myth

The children ask


Then what about

original sin

Is that a myth too


Answers we may not know

A difficult problem

Of the pastoral ministry

Says Joseph Ratzinger

Our former Pope

How true


Can we tell the kids

Adam and Eve are true

So we can

Help them believe

The Original Sin

Is true also


What will that do

To their faith

When the learn

The Big Bang

And Evolution


We may not know

The right answer

But we must

Teach them

The little

That we know


The seed of sin

Is in our soul

From when we

We’re born


The Bible


Our first ancestors


By disobedience

By giving in

To temptation


That is a fact

We disobey

We give in

To temptation

And sin


There are worse

Sins we commit

Than these






Selfishness… the root

Of our sinful actions


If we are children

Of Adam and Eve

We are born

Into sin

Because they sinned


If we are born

Of evolution

We sin


The sinful nature

Is part of our



We are born

Into sin

Our sinful nature

Passed on to us

By our ancestors


If God’s created us

By intelligent design

Freedom given by Him

For our actions

We disobeyed

We lied

We gave in to temptation

And much worse


We sinned

We are born

Into sin

Our sinful nature

Passed on

To us

By our ancestors


So it doesn’t matter

What is myth

What is fact

You are free

To believe

The narrative

The creationist

The Evolutionis


The Bible

Is not a book of science

It’s a book

That teaches salvation


It teaches

That we were created

In God’s image



We gave in

To temptation

We sinned

And are born

With original sin


The Holy Spirit

Poured out

At baptism

Erases original sin

We inherited


But the tendency

To sin



We may have

That tiny bit

Of sinful nature


But we must not


That God made us

In his likeness

Full of Goodness


Religion for kids



Story or fact?

It doesn’t matter


To the elders

They choose to believe

What they were taught

Our religion now

By their elders


Gives us the freedom

To believe what we choose



The Genesis narrative


Our kids

They’re not the same

By grade two

They are taught


And the Big Bang

In Catholic



Their confusion

Not addressed

They take their

Own point of view

Or their parent’s


The Bible

The Old Testament

A book of stories

The New Testament

They believe


A child I know

An avid reader

Just nine

Reading her copy

Of the Sunday

School Bible


There is no heaven


She said

There’s constellations

One hundred billion galaxies


Science is truth

Said her mother

The Bible stories

Are part

Of our culture


That one sweeping


Wiped away

The whole of

The Old Testament


That child

Her faith busted

May even doubt

The new


It’s high time

We tackle this

Head on

It doesn’t matter

Whether the universe

Was created

In seven days

Or thirteen billion years


Whether Adam and Eve


Or whether we evolved from apes


Or we were created

By intelligent design


What matters

Is that

We were created

By that great I Am

Who exists since time immemorial


That the universe too

Is energy and matter

There has to be energy

To create matter


The Big Bang

May have started

With a tiny dot

Of immense force

Or as now they say

A giant egg

Which burst


Some say the universe

Has been


And contacting


To a tiny dot


Doesn’t matter

There is a force

Immense energy

That science admits




So no matter what

Genesis says

Myth or truth

Or a myth

Containing a truth

That we are

God’s creation


The fact remains

The creator creates

And that’s what

The narrator

Of Adam and Eve

Tells us


God exists

He created

The universe

And all in it

And us

He is

Our Father

Our God

The great


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How many commandments?
What is the fifth?

Name the fruits 
Of the Holy Spirit
I asked you
Not the gifts

Which books are they in
Ephesians ?

The rituals before
The commandments given?
The blood and gore
Are they so
For a Catholic
To know?
What was the date
Of your baptism?
I know not
I do know
It’s a day of joy
When you are filled
With the Holy Spirit
I froze once 
In the church
Couldn’t recall
Pope Benedict’s numbers
Although they were
Clearly written 
In Roman script
I froze once
When I have to recall
My son’s birthday 
For his baptism 
Now we need another
For my daughter 
Not Baptism
But confirmation

I probably need
To be de confirmed
I’ve lost my memory
I’ve lost the numbers 
Is it memory?
Is it rote?
That makes you
A Catholic ?
You have to learn
All the lists
There’s examination

There is no book
No notes
Just memory
And Google
The Protestants
Their websites
Have the answer
To all things
Are they right?
God alone knows
But we have 
To submit the papers
How many sacraments?
How are they classified?
I find the answers 
Pouring through
The Bible
The Cathechism 
of the Catholic Church
A book so large
One can get lost
And other tomes
Fr. Ratus’s 
Unless some man show me
And occasionally 
Through Google 
My husband helps
He finds it tough
For we are looking
For the right answers 
It’s just to gauge
How much they know
We’re not looking 
For the right answer
That’s what we’ve told
I delete my file
Save it
On a pen drive

I’m proud of her
My growing daughter
She sits for hours
Her laptop for help
And she’s penned down
Some eighty answers
Right or wrong 
They’re all her own
I make a note 
To go through those
To guide her later
To clear any 
That google might offer
Go and serve!
The youth
The community
The parish
She enjoys it all
At first
But then admonishment
For occassionally
Missing out
Not out of love
For paltry points
That she labours
Her days are long
The burden heavy
School and church 
Both squeeze her time
One competing 
With another
Her legs ache
With dancing
The Annual day
Tells on her calves
Thev’e been hurting
For years
But now
It’s aggravated

She cannot walk
She’s ordered rest
She still makes it
Up the stairs
Not out of love
With the strength
Of fear 
Her pain
It gets worse
The choir she enjoys
But that one 
Is not official 
She frets
I’m singing
At the wrong time
Twenty hours
More than hundred
Never mind
You’ve done it
By yourself
We’re proud
She loves her God
Is a kind soul
Who walks
So she can give
Her money to a beggar

She loves 
He brother 
And her sister 
Her  soulmate
They seldom fight

She takes the jibes
From her parents
For not studying enough
In silence
She may not have 

A head for numbers
She may not pass
An entrance exam
She may have missed
Her Sunday school
When the pain
Was too much

The attendance
The answers
The participation
Is the joy
Somewhere missing
From my heart
On her Confirmation 
The Bible
It errs
On history
On science
On Georgraphy
MaybeBut that’s not
What it’s about
It is true
On one
Thing that matters
It is a book
That teaches
The way
To God
To salvation
Of all humanity
Salvation for us
Through His Son
The sacrificial lamb
Through love
For God
For neighbour
Of mercy
If that much
We understand
And try
To practice
We will truly be
Gods People
We may not
Have a certificate
To prove
Our knowledge
But does that matter
So much?I know
She’s going
To be confirmed
She’s fine
She’s doing
All she can
But if Fate
Deals a cruel j hand
Well get by
She’s to me
A confirmed Catholic

The bishop

He laid his hand

On her

She’s blessed

The Holy Spirit

On her poured

Does it really matter

That certificate?