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A Global perspectives project initiative from Shayna DSouza and Arnav Jain, Witty International School

Understanding teenage struggles with substance abuse and how to get help


Our Google form responses gave us the insight that it is the parents who are keen to know about teenager’s struggles with addiction. Most of the responses came from India.

This shaped our focus on awareness about addiction, help and India specific issues.

That white line leads to a black hole. Dont follow it…… MUMBAI POLICE

As we grow into teenagers, we come across a number of new things that peak our curiosity. Some of them are drugs, alcohol, mental health, and so on. Our website mainly focuses on how substance abuse has become very common among teenagers and the struggles faced by them in relation to that. There could be numerous reasons as to why would a person get into drugs. There’s a stereotypical reason that is quite common but often misused, “they want to look cool”. This website will allow you have a broader perspective on this issue and will bring awareness on drug abuse.

Shayna and Arnav


  1. Sanjay DSouza says:

    Good initiative. Very simple and comprehensive in contents. Excellent articulation and presentation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting and helpful insights into a teenager’s point of view on drug usage. Good job, Shayna and Arnav.
    Different from the projects we did when we grew up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Touched on a touchy topic thought provoking to touch lakhs affected and the other lakhs to think. Good attempt.

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