Teenagers and drugs

Trigger 1: Peer pressure

We all know this term…but how does this really work? Here’s an interesting article from drug-free.org

Teens. That time of growing up where you learn the most. Being a teenager is not at all easy. It can be confusing, frustrating and also exciting. Many of us are against the concept of growing up, but that’s what teenage years are about. Often, our teenage years are filled with happy and fun memories. But that’s only a part of it. We tend to forget or censor the bad memories. With teenage life comes many problems such as backstabbing friends, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, bullying etc. Life drastically changes after becoming a teen. While we try to fit in with other people, we lose who we are and became clueless about what to do next. How do we behave? Will the others like me if I dress like this? Listening to this particular type of music will make me look cool, what would others say if I told them about my anxiety? We often tend to put what others think before what we actually like and, in the process, we lose ourselves. Its easy to say “stop paying attention to what others say.” It’s harder to actually do that. The fear of being alone or having no friends doesn’t let us get away from what other people think about us. Thats when we’d do anything to fit in, even something that’ll give us instant joy but long term issues. drugs.


From Drugabbuse.gov:

Top 8 Reasons why Teens try Alcohol and drugs

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  • Rehab centers ..Arnav Jain
    To get addicted to something is easy, it is the part where you have to get and pay for what you did that is difficult. After a certain point in an addict’s life, he or she might realise that they need to get back to being sober again. A rehab centre is where any addiction can be treated. The addicts have to go through a timed program, involving various activities and socializing. This helps them be distracted from their addictions. They are kept away from all sorts of drugs and alcoholic…More
  • Addiction and dependency…Alcohol..Arnav Jain
    The most common thing that people are addicted to or “can’t survive without” is alcohol. People tend to develop a taste for the bitterness that sits in it. When alcohol is consumed, it is not digested but is directly taken into the bloodstream. Alcohol breaks down and is sent out the body. It affects the brain first, then the kidneys, lungs and the liver. If the intake of alcohol is not stopped in a streak in a short period of time, the alcoholic content of the blood slows reactions down making…More

This one has Indian statistics. They are eyer openers
From project UDAYA

Substance abuse: Impact on Adolescents in India: Project UDAYA

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An India specific one from rehabs.in:

Drug abuse among Indian Youth

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