Portrayal of drug in pop culture

Is pop culture in India promoting drug use?

Well India has its own colloquial pop grops, and many of the songs come from movies.

Here is an article on Punjabi pop music, often played in clubs.

Are Punjabi pop songs promoting its drug culture?

Banning your teen from clubbing may backfire as young kids find ingenuous ways to work their way around…

Talking to them and making them aware of the implications of substance abuse may work better.

In case your child is in trouble and talking invariably denigrates to a shouting match, reaching out to a professional counsellor whom your child can relate to may be a better solution.

  • Rehab centers ..Arnav Jain

    To get addicted to something is easy, it is the part where you have to get and pay for what you did that is difficult. After a certain point in an addict’s life, he or she might realise that they need to get back to being sober again.

    A rehab centre is where any addiction can be treated. The addicts have to go through a timed program, involving various activities and socializing. This helps them be distracted from their addictions. They are kept away from all sorts of drugs and alcoholic content.

    This period of rehabilitation is a very important and arduous journey. The patient is highly likely to face withdrawal symptoms. The addict’s body is not suited or adapted to being without the substance and that dependency is what is being fought at these centres.

    Another important aspect that is taught at these centres is why to not get involved in drugs or excessive drinking. Every patient will have his or her own training and de-addiction program, depending on how severe the addiction is and for how long the patient has been involved with the drug.

  • Addiction and dependency…Alcohol..Arnav Jain

    The most common thing that people are addicted to or “can’t survive without” is alcohol. People tend to develop a taste for the bitterness that sits in it. When alcohol is consumed, it is not digested but is directly taken into the bloodstream. Alcohol breaks down and is sent out the body. It affects the brain first, then the kidneys, lungs and the liver.

    If the intake of alcohol is not stopped in a streak in a short period of time, the alcoholic content of the blood slows reactions down making the person feel a lot lighter, making him or her forget about their problems and stress. The slow reactions make it difficult for the person to walk or perform any task in general. Alcohol also causes blurred visions which is the reason for many accidents that happen every day.

    Alcohol being consumed in small amounts on a frequent basis will not cause any harm, in fact, alcohol in this amount keeps the heart functioning properly.

    If the regular amount is exceeded every day, there might be consequences. The person will start to crave alcohol at any point in the day. At this point, the person’s brain will make him or her think that they need it even though they don’t. The person has now entered the addiction phase. It is at this stage where getting a person to quit drinking is a difficult task. The addict will keep on drinking in his or her free time, and this when they find out that they need rehabilitation.

    This however is a later stage of drinking any may be reached in some cases. It is important to know how the habit to drink starts in the first place and how it can be treated so that such a circumstance is not reached.

    A person might be encouraged to drink by a friend or a relative. But there can be different things too. Such as, trauma. According to a report published in 2019 stating the reasons for drinking, trauma can be dangerously depressive, and hence, to overcome this, the person might drink. One of the other major reasons is work pressure or stress. In case a person wants to relax or forget his or her problems for a few hours, they might go out and have a drink.

    The most common drinking age is 18, just as soon as the person is an adult. He or she might have seen alcohol at home or some other place and has been exposed to how light it can make a person feel. According to the Youth Risk Behaviour Surveillance System and Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey 2015, the most addicted age is between 25 and 35 suggesting working people at their peak.

    Water…the best drink

    This phase is where the person is dependent on alcohol and thinks is nothing without it. Find out more about how this is treated here.

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